Rident Dental Centers Case Study


Rident Dental Centers mission is to provide professional, nop-notch, and convenient dental care. Specialized in dental implants, they have adopted the latest technologies in dental implants.

But, there's always a room for improvement, there's always bigger plans, they wanted to continue their growth and entering new markets in the GCC area and Europe.
This is where we come in, working with us, using a combination of social media and a paid strategy is one of the quickest, and most effective, ways to market a brand.

The Story Of Rident Dental Centers

Rident Dental Centers is one the first dental centers to take dental implants as a specialization, located in Cairo, Egypt with 3 branches to further expand their reach to their clients.
With the help of their professional medica staff, and the latest technologies, backed up with patients testominals with great customer experience to enfore their social proof.

The Challenge

Prior working with Gloorst, Rident Dental Centers had the challenge of getting more exposure in Egypt, and getting the results they desired from social advertising activities in a highly competitive industry. As well as attracting patients from the GCC area.

The struggle was that they started with a limited budget, in addition to the targeting the right audience they seek.

Gloorst Solutions

Our goal was to generate results as quick as possible using digital marketing tools, we applied the principle of the inbound marketing, using education social media content, promoted by our advertising strategies to attract the right audience and convert them into leads, and eventually, customers.

rident dental centers social media posts

Social Media Management

We managed social media platforms of our clients, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Including created and published content, feedback analysis, and social ads.
Communicating our messages to promote brand's values and position them among our competitors.

Our social media efforts contributed to our client expanding the operations to the next stage: SEO and website development.

Website Development

Understanding the main goal, we built our client's website, to serve as an owned media, and utilize organice traffic from the search engine Google.
We ensured that the content of the website is aligned with our client's objectives, providing a smooth user experience when exploring the blog, services, and online booking system.

rident seo


Using SEO tactics and principles, we were able to generate organic traffic. Focused on main targeted keywords and related topics, we managed to increase organic traffic by 87% after 6 months.

Media Buying

We created a versatile media buying plan that includes multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search.

Social search, search ads, retargeting and remarketing allowed us to attract the right audience with the right message and the right creative.

rident dental centers media production

Media Production

Media production is great for buidling credibility and trust among your audience and showcase your expertise, we this in mind, we launched multiple video campaigns for our client Rident Dental Centers, as videos have become the most powerful medium to communicate the brand messages.

Business Impact

Since partnering with Gloorst, Rident Dental Centers generated an 87% increase in organic website visitors resulted in increase of online appointments.

For our client, increased website traffic and social media engagement directly contributed to:

• More brand awareness
• More online bookings
• More conversions and revenue

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