In 3 months, we generated 91% growth rate in B2B leads for Cynosure MENA

Cynosure develops and manufactures a diverse range of leading treatment applications for hair removal, skin revitalization, scar reduction, and body contouring. Their product Elite+ for laser hair removal is used worldwide by practitioners, physicians, and aesthetic business owners.


Cynosure is a leading American skin care company in the health & beauty industry around the globe. They produce advanced devices for treatment of skin conditions and has been around for over 30 years.

Giving our expertise in the medical sector in MENA region, we agreed to a deal to help them generate b2b leads in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

After just 3 months, we managed to increase b2b leads generated with 91% growth rate. Keep reading as we dive through this successful partnership.

cynosure elite+

The Story Of Cynosure

AMICO is the exclusive agent for Cynosure in MENA region and is responsible for managing their channels across social media. They work in the industry of medical equipment and managed to spread Cynosure main superstar: Elite+, laser hair removal machine.

The Challenge

Prior working with Gloorst, Cynosure had the challenge of getting more health providers in Egypt to buying their main product: Elite+. As the main share was for competitors like Candela GentleLase and Deka.

Another challenge was to attract health providers in Saudi Arabia as well, but it was much difficult due to governmental regulations related to using Saudi influencers or health providers to promote health related products.

Gloorst Solutions

Once we started working our client, we firstly addressed the issue of attracting new customers and boosting engagement by creating creative campaigns on social media, we used Facebook to target Egypt market, and Instagram to target the Saudi one. Emphasizing on main selling points, the WHY, and the HOW of their product Elite+. All with a customer focused strategy.

cynosure social media

Social Media Management

We created content, managed and published Cynosure MENA social media content across both Facebook and Instagram. Capitalizing on our creative and result-oriented team to develop and manage monthly content calendar that drives user engagement and raise awareness of the products.

Media Production

What adds credibility to your marketing message and promise other than testimonials from industry experts and professionals?
This is what we thought of how to bring credibility to their products, by interviewing experts to demonstrate the benefits and features of the products.

cynosure media production
cynosure media buying

Media Buying

This is where the magic happens, great content won’t reach its full potential without proper media planning and media buying, aligned with our client's objectives, we managed to generate leads with 53% increase in leads generated quarterly.

Instead of going with the norm and the most common way of brands to advertise using engagement and messages objectives, we switched our focus to utilize Facebook's smart ads system used in lead generation campaigns. We used retargeting and remarketing campaigns for target Egyptian audiences on Facebook, and Saudi audiences on Instagram.

The Results

Our strategy focused on improving the following metrics:

#1 B2B Leads Generated:
On a monthly basis, we generated an average of 49 B2B leads in Egypt and 23 B2B leads in Saudi Arabia. Using direct and creative visuals and interviews with Egyptian doctors who already are using the product, and social media posts that educate our targeted audience.

#2 B2C Leads Generated:
Increasing brand awareness among the end consumers was a main factor in achieving our goals, by being customer centric, we managed to get more people talking about Cynosure Elite+, thus, influencing health providers indirectly by generating the demand on such devices.


Percentage of B2B leads acquired in Egypt market compared to B2B leads in Saudi Arabia market in 9 months in 2021.

30,886,205 Social Impressions 100%
702 Social Leads 100%
24,677 Social Conversations 100%

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